Song of Aceh [ppb ui]

Tsunami happened almost two months ago. But the destructions results from this disaster still remain today. Televisions is still showing the picture. We can watch it everyday. From the live picture, we can imagine how bad it was though we’ve not stepped our feet on Nanggroe Aceh “Land of Peace”.

It talked to us that we all lived in a such great world. Even though we can not prove existence of God, we are undoubtedly nothing in this world. We are all—like lyric of a popular song—dust in the wind. There is a great power above us. And we can do nothing to avoid when the power make the disaster. Life is a mystery.

Scientists say it’s not the most powerful earthquake and tsunami in the world. But they believe it’s the biggest natural disaster, according to number of tolls.

And now, thousands of survivors live under the impermanent tents with terrible sanitation and lack of nutrition. Most of them are orphans. They have no longer parents, families, homes, and friends.

Like a war, tsunami tragedy inspired thousands of poets to write poems and inspire hundreds of musicians to arrange songs. It opened heart of million people to make donation, and awakened people’s love to be volunteers.

It happened. But it surely will be remembered along the time, especially by the survivors.

And some day in the future, a man with his son stand at the monument of tsunami. With tears in his eyes, he say to the son in a low voice, “Here a long time ago, a great wave swept the floor of island. God saved me, but sadly, your grandmother and grandfather were lost. We’ve never found their corpse. But we are still remembering their teaching, that we must pray for all the late family members. You never see their face, My son. However, when they was alive, they prayed for you too, though you’d not been born. Everyday, they repeatedly prayed Ibrahim’s words: O… Our Lord, give us the spouses, children and grandchildren those shade our eyes.”

“You was mentioned in their prayer. So, it’s now your turn to mention their name in your prayer.” [PPB UI GE 6]


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